perjantai 29. huhtikuuta 2016

SW: Bold Renegade

Here is the last one Imperial assault miniature painted. The Bold Renegade Mak Eshka'rey.

Painting this inspired me to paint some more Imperial Assault miniatures. Luckily they have punch of DLC packs!

But here is the pic.

Bold Renegade Mak Eshka'rey

Mak is a hero model from Imperial assault boardgame

sunnuntai 24. huhtikuuta 2016

Necromunda: Guider Merc "G-Man"

Well I manged to do new ganger to my Necromunda gang. I lost one pack slave and I need at least nine member to gang.

So I made a mercenary with two pistols. Newest merc is called Jerry "G-Man" Colton. He is ex-agent and going for the highest bitter.

I made the model for different parts of GW range. I hope I next get chance to paint some original Necromunda models.

But here is the pic. G-Man is armed with Bolt pistol & laspistol and some frag grenades. After some games he will get photo visor and scope for the gun.

Necromunda ganger

tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2016

A Farmer and a Veteran soldier

Well I managed to get finally some matt varnish to finish off some Star Wars Imperial assault miniatures.

Well I have painted to more minis and I have only one left to paint to get full board game in color.

The farmer boy Luke Skywalker is painted like he is first appeared in the movies. Robes and a blaster. Well he had a blaster only after he  infiltrated the imperial star ship. Anyway I painted the base with desert. It looked more nicely that way.

And here is of course the pictures.

The Veteran Fenn Signis.

Luke Skywalker

I hope I get this last figure painted soon. It is already primed.

When I have all painted up I will take some pictures with all heroes and empire figures.