maanantai 15. toukokuuta 2017

Look, I'm telling ya, there's somethin' movin' and it ain't us!

1986 somebody did sequel for alien movie. It was called aliens and it is one of the best movies what I have seen. Now we are living 2017 and aliens are back. There is a new movie called alien covenant. That for the movies now. Lets get back to miniatures.

Because of the new movie trailer I had to paint some alien miniatures. I just could not help it.

Luckily I had unopened AVP (alien vs predator) board game from Prodos games and I decided to paint first five aliens from it. I have to say that these models are very nice, sturdy and detailed. Not much for mold lines. For the board game these offer too much building for fast start. But they have done the second edition which have much more better model detailing and more board game oriented pieces.

I'm very happy with the result and these buggers was very fun and fast to paint. Also I liked very much building the bases giving each alien own and unique base.

I like to paint some more of these bugs and of course the bug hunters. I hope you like the pictures.

Keep up painting!

Close up from surveillance camera. 

Here is the first five alien stalkers. 

Here better picture of bases. 

lauantai 13. toukokuuta 2017

Rebel leader and Saboteurs

Hello. This time I have only small picture about my latest paintings. I have painted Leia and couple of rebel saboteurs from Star Wars range. This minis aren't even close to my best paintings. Also I had some big problems taking the picture. The light was all bad all the time. I really have to start learning about taking photographs or build a good studio for minis.

When I had to paint two same miniatures I started to haste. I had to paint both of them same time and I really noticed myself not to give same amount time for each miniature. So the result is poor. Here is the picture and you can tell what you think about my paintings.

Keep painting!

tiistai 2. toukokuuta 2017

"This deal's getting worse all the time."

I'm back on painting Star Wars miniatures. This time I have painted a smooth gambler and smuggler Lando Calrissian. This miniature was very fun to paint because of the colorful shirt. This miniature is in very nice pose giving hint of characters personality.

I have to say that I'm fun of Mordheim and Necromunda but these SW miniatures have giving me more colorful approach to the painting. I don't usually use so bright colors. Also it have given me some more motivation to paint more. I very exited to paint some more Star Wars.

Lando is one of my favourite SW model what I have painted and I have named it as "Disco Stu".

Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars movie
Lando have a good smile

Landos cape

Smooth cambler

perjantai 7. huhtikuuta 2017

Terror from the Jungle.

It has been long since I write something to my blog. I have been unmotivated to paint. Brakes will boost me later and give more ideas and innovation. I have every year from days to weeks when I don't paint at all.

I have still been painting something. You might have seen some of my painting from my Facebook page. Now it it is ready. My first Warhammer 40.000 army. Army needs one HQ and two troop choice that the army is valid.

My tyranid swarm is adapted for jungle terrain and lurking in the greenery. Main color is Black and green.Yellow dots are warning color like nature.

So here is my army.


HQ: Tyranid Prime with Rending claws. 130 points (one model)
-Regeneration 30 points (extra)

Troop: Ripper swarm brood 39 points. (three models)
-Deep Strike 2 points/model = 6 points (extra)

Troop: Termagant Brood 40 points (10 models)

TOTAL: 209 points or with extra 245 points. 

Hive Fleet Malignant
Warning colors

Close up from Tyranid Prime

What is the future of my Tyranid fleet?

I haven't played a single game of 40k game. If I like the game, maybe my tyranid army will crow or if I don't like I might paint some more miniatures for the army. I still have tyrant, some hormagaunts, spore mines and gargoyles to build and paint. 

What does my Hive Fleet name Malignant means?

1. disposed to cause harm, suffering or distress deliberately; feeling orshowing ill will or hatret

2. very dangerous or harmful in influence or effect

3. Pathology;
a) tending to produce death, as bubonic plague.
b) (of a tumor) characterized by uncontrolled growth; cancerous, invasive, or metastatic

torstai 23. helmikuuta 2017

Wellcome to the year 40 000!

My year did not start as I wanted. How ever I have been very busy learning to paint fast and lot's of models. I  have started to paint Warhammer 40k armies. For first I have done Astra Militarium Catachan troops. I have converted this first squad.

Also I have done tyranid force and I have done the first troop choice as well.

So I have painted and built 20 models this far.

You can expect that this year is heavily fulfilled with WAR!

Let the pics speak for them self.

Tyranids troops. I have painted these about for times over to find my hive colors.
These first ten are armed with fleshporer... Or something like that 

Veteran squad with autoguns & shotguns
Two specialist flamer and heavyflamer

Please be free to comment!

tiistai 3. tammikuuta 2017

My Mordheim

Here it is. This is my version of Mordheim buidings. I have remade all Mordheim ruins from foam board and added some details.

You can find WIP text, pics and post from my blog how I managed to do this all.

This post is sortie like other post. So enjoy the pictures.

This is how the cardboard houses looked like. 

This is how I made it.

Happy new year and may there be miniatures!

perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2016

Mordheim: Bridge House part 4 (Final part. Finished bridge house)

Hello. This is 2016 years last project. I really don't have time to build or paint nothing anymore in this year. But the next year is coming and I have lot's of plans to paint miniatures.

Back to Mordheim. This is the last part of building Mordheim bridge house. Actually this part is more like painting than building.

Step 1: Prime the building
I have painted the building with black spray primer. I had to do some minor building in this part. I added a window board. This step is really fast and easy.

House is primed with black spray

Wooden window board. Clued after the priming.

Step 2: Base color and wash
In this phase I have painted the house inside out with the base color. I have used tan, red and blue inside the house. Dark grey and lighter grey outside. Wooden planks are painted with brown. And of course the downstairs with grey color. 

Base color in place. I have used 8 different base color.

After I had done the base color I just washed the whole building with black wash. It prings some of the detail up. And because it is a ruined house it doesn't matter if it look some grimy and dirty. 

After the black wash.
Step 3: The dry brushing
This is the longest part to do. I have dry brushed all walls, floors, dirt and details. Mainly I have used same base color before the wash. Then I have lightened it up with white or similar lighter tone. 
Well in this part I was very interested to paint the building and I did not take pictures of every layer. 

I have painted about 3-5 layers to each sealing or floor sections. 

After the dry brush
I had to do some minor fixing in this phase. I added some more "dirt" on the ground floor. You can see the new dirt in color of grey. 

Some fixing details. Grey dirt. Painted brown after drying. 

Step 4: The finishing touches and details
Last part is the funnest part to do. I can ad some details to bring the ruins more alive. I have added all kind of details what is shown in original card board ruins. Some details I have just done as I see it fit.

Posters, writings, rust, water leaks, blood, Town Cryer magazines and fire place.

Red arrows point some the details what I have done to the ruins. 

Step 5: See the result
After I have done it all. I have taken some pictures and posted it up in my blog. I'm happy to hear some feedback. There is some thinks what I have done better like edges of the ruins. But I'm happy with the result. 

I hope you enjoy the finished Mordheim Bridge house. I have now done all the buildings what come with original game.  

Finished Mordheim Bridge house. 

Bridge house from bird view. 

The bridge is removable for better storage and it will wont take so much damage
 when I move it around the gaming table.

Corner House 1
Corner House 2
The Long House
The Tavern
Bridge House
Monument + Chimney

Next I have to build the Blood on the street expansion. Only problem is that I don't own the expansion yet. If you have the expansion houses and the plastic parts. I might just buy them for the right price. And I need the schematics also!