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Sixteen years old Mines of Moria! (+Saruman)

Games workshop released in year 2001 Lord of the Rings miniature game. (I had some wrong facts. corrected now) 2005 they released started box called Mines of Moria. It included rules, some scenery, the fellowship, goblins and a cave troll.

This is what you get from Mines of Moria starter set. 

So now is year 2017 and I'm only 16 years late... wait what sixteen. Oh man. Well I did not even played miniatures games by that time.

I managed to get hold of this starter box couple of years ago and now it is fully painted set. Phiu... One project done. I will play this game and I will play it with my good friend and enjoy it like someone did sixteen years ago. I'm very happy about this set.

Game takes place in the Mines of Moria and specially in the Balin's tomb.

Balin's tomb from the movie

Models was very fun to paint. I hope I enjoy the game same amount. I'm not army painter but I managed to paint 24 goblins in decent time and managed too keep good quality as well. Of course I painted eyes to every one. But these models are in normal scale and not in heroic scale as other GW miniatures. So these more smaller miniatures to paint.

Terrain from the box. Some pillars, trap doors, door, well, Balin's crave and some dead markers. I have another sets pillars and door to paint.

Terrain pieces from the box. 

The Fellowship. I have painted this some time ago but here is the new picture.

The Fellowship from the box. 

24 goblins armed with spears, bows or shield and swords. 12 different sculpts of goblins.

Mines of Moria goblins

The cave troll. I really like how this model finished. Cave troll was most fun to paint.

The cave troll. 

My big plan is to make some more rocky terrain to do big Moria setting with ladders, stairs, walkways etc. I have more Moria models also to paint.

But here is some action pictures. 

Fellowship is defending the tomb against goblins and a cave troll. 

Battle of Balin's tomb.

One dwarf is still alive in Moria. 

Aragorn and Boromir defending Frodo. 
Here is some bonus model from Lord of the Rings. Saruman the white wizard.

Saruman the White wizard walking in the forest near the Isengard. 

Saruman. I used two different wash tones to paint the robe. Black and brown. 

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  1. Blimey you have done a great job on all of those.

    Looks brill on mass!

  2. Hi,
    That is not the original starter, which was released at 2001, but the starter released at 2005. The original starter had only Last Alliance elves and human with Moria goblins and some ruins.

    1. Thanks. Looks like my facts are wrong. Thank you for correcting that.