keskiviikko 16. elokuuta 2017

Wasteland Project

Hello. I have been very lazy about painting in this year. But I have lot's of goodies to paint and make.

I have started new project again. This project is called Wasteland and its goal is to paint and make wasteland miniatures and terrain. This project will give terrain and miniatures for Fallout, Wasteland, Mad Max and other things. Also this terrain is good for Necromunda Ash wastes supplement. Also there is new version of Necromunda coming up.

So here is my wasteland project in a picture so far. Some survivors and terrain. Ruins, small junk piles and a two story building. And of course a monster which can mix match with fantasy. Can you find the monster? Survivors be aware.

The wasteland project is not using any particular line miniatures or terrain. I'm using all what will fit.

PS. What would you like me to see paint next? Star wars, Mordheim, Necromunda, Fantasy, "wasteland" or Lord of the Rings miniatures. Please leave  a comment and I might paint next your suggestion.

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