perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2016

Mordheim: Bridge House part 4 (Final part. Finished bridge house)

Hello. This is 2016 years last project. I really don't have time to build or paint nothing anymore in this year. But the next year is coming and I have lot's of plans to paint miniatures.

Back to Mordheim. This is the last part of building Mordheim bridge house. Actually this part is more like painting than building.

Step 1: Prime the building
I have painted the building with black spray primer. I had to do some minor building in this part. I added a window board. This step is really fast and easy.

House is primed with black spray

Wooden window board. Clued after the priming.

Step 2: Base color and wash
In this phase I have painted the house inside out with the base color. I have used tan, red and blue inside the house. Dark grey and lighter grey outside. Wooden planks are painted with brown. And of course the downstairs with grey color. 

Base color in place. I have used 8 different base color.

After I had done the base color I just washed the whole building with black wash. It prings some of the detail up. And because it is a ruined house it doesn't matter if it look some grimy and dirty. 

After the black wash.
Step 3: The dry brushing
This is the longest part to do. I have dry brushed all walls, floors, dirt and details. Mainly I have used same base color before the wash. Then I have lightened it up with white or similar lighter tone. 
Well in this part I was very interested to paint the building and I did not take pictures of every layer. 

I have painted about 3-5 layers to each sealing or floor sections. 

After the dry brush
I had to do some minor fixing in this phase. I added some more "dirt" on the ground floor. You can see the new dirt in color of grey. 

Some fixing details. Grey dirt. Painted brown after drying. 

Step 4: The finishing touches and details
Last part is the funnest part to do. I can ad some details to bring the ruins more alive. I have added all kind of details what is shown in original card board ruins. Some details I have just done as I see it fit.

Posters, writings, rust, water leaks, blood, Town Cryer magazines and fire place.

Red arrows point some the details what I have done to the ruins. 

Step 5: See the result
After I have done it all. I have taken some pictures and posted it up in my blog. I'm happy to hear some feedback. There is some thinks what I have done better like edges of the ruins. But I'm happy with the result. 

I hope you enjoy the finished Mordheim Bridge house. I have now done all the buildings what come with original game.  

Finished Mordheim Bridge house. 

Bridge house from bird view. 

The bridge is removable for better storage and it will wont take so much damage
 when I move it around the gaming table.

Corner House 1
Corner House 2
The Long House
The Tavern
Bridge House
Monument + Chimney

Next I have to build the Blood on the street expansion. Only problem is that I don't own the expansion yet. If you have the expansion houses and the plastic parts. I might just buy them for the right price. And I need the schematics also!

torstai 29. joulukuuta 2016

Old School miniature building!

Hello! I have to write this blog text about real hardcore miniature building. I have found my brothers WWII tanks and planes. These all tanks and planes are models from real life machines. Every model presents some plane or tank from that WWII era. I remember we had a history book about tanks and planes with measures. I'm not sure which scale these are made.

These tanks and planes are made from wood and carved with knife. These models are over 20 years old. Ant there is about 70 tanks and over hundred planes made. Also few battle ship which are about one meter wide.

My brother is always been my innovation to miniatures to paint and build them! He is always my mentor and master. I don't know anyone who had innovations to do these.

I have only found this one old box. Here is the pictures!

Here is the all tanks and planes what I did find

Close up tanks

There is british, german, soviet and us tanks

I think this is German tank hunter Nashorn.

This is 8-ton German half track Sd.Kfz. 7

Maybe a Sherman mine sweeper tank.


These are in same scale but the size matter. Italian tank and soviet T-34 tank.

Italian first model 1st medio (medium tank)

German Panzer IV or V. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Remember these are made with knife from the scratch. This is real miniature building. Do it yourself.

keskiviikko 14. joulukuuta 2016

Meeting Mordheim Creator Tuomas Pirinen and Necromunda Creator Andy Chambers

WOW! WOW! Yes! I have met The Mordheim Creator Tuomas Pirinen and a the Master of rules Andy Chambers aka Horned Rat.

So this is a story to tell and I'm writing something for you to read. So how do I start this story.

My day was likes Bilbos in Hobbit. I waked up. Walked around in my empty house. Watched a discussion threat were Tuomas Pirinen was going to be with Andy Chambers in IGDA -meeting today. Like Bilbo watched the Thors contract for adventure in the movie. Just like that I packed my backpack and rushed out!

I felt like this.
Later that day met The Mordheim Creator Tuomas Pirinen and the Horned Rat Andy Chambers. But like in all adventures. Everything doesn't go like planned but ends happily and needs a sequel.

Tuomas Pirinen the Mordheim Creator. Picture is from Town Cryer. 
Andy Chambers aka Horned Rat
When I was traveling I realized that I have left all my Andy Chambers created books home! How I could miss these... Well I did anyway and I could not get these books anymore. So I had to get on my hands something Chambers writings. I finally founded one book: Path of The Archon.

These I left home and if I have not they could be signed by Chambers.

I enjoyed to talk with Pirinen and Chambers. They both were very open and liked to talk with me. It was very positive experience. It was very interesting to talk about creating these games and how do they did get some of the ideas. Both of them are professionals game makers and work currently in Reforged studios.

I like to give credit also to others who participate in making these rules like Mordheim and Necromunda. You need a good team to make it happen. Without the others, friends and talented people these books would never been done. Of course you need the passion for this and both Tuomas and Andy have lot's of it.

Andy Chambers autograph in the book Path of The Archon.

Tuomas Pirinen autograph in the Mordheim Book 
Well I managed to get the autographs. My next adventure is to get Andy's name on my books what I left home. So that is the sequel to my next adventure.

sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2016

Mordheim: Battle report Witch hunter vs. Skaven

Hello somebody wanted a battle report about our game. So I decided to do one about our last game. I don't usually write these and  forget to do good notes during the battle. Anyway enjoy the report.

Reach of Darkness, Act I

Hello to all Mordheim dwellers. I have seen some evil thinks in Mordheim. Many good lads have died in dark streets of Mordheim. Well I have now a good story to tell you. I will tell it about eyes of my witch hunter warband. They have been very unfortunate by this far. They have lost many good warriors.

Luckily they have fearless leader who is ready to sacrifice just a two more men to gain some greater good.

So let's begin.


Witch Hunter warband called Swords of Damnation had seven men and one dog. They had help of an elf ranger called Scar Julo. Their leader is called Dante Ala Riste. You may have heard about him? No? 

Well they were very happy to find tree wyrdstones and were heading to get out of the damned city. Before they did get out from there they were confronted by a skaven clan Pestilence. Eight hideous skaven two big rats and a one huge Rat Ogre. I heard they were called children of decay later on but that's a another story.

Swords of Damnation. Captain is the one with the feathers in the hat.
From the left: Warhound Cookie, WH victor, Captain Ala Riste, Priest Frostgrave.
Near the wall: Elf ranger Scar Julo and Zealot Pietari.
In the right three men: Flagellant Hans, WH Mad Morgan and "The Tilean"


Witch Hunter captain spotted the Skaven warband before they managed to ambush the poor witch hunters. It was a Change encounter. 

Skaven managed to sprint on the streets and their leader was screaming some commands from the upper ruined houses. 

Ala Riste was planning an ambush and Victor climbed high as possible with his deadly cross bow. Elf took ambush place from ruined jail balcony. Other took cover from houses expect Zealot Pietari the Puppet maker. He run in middle of street and managed to get skaven interesting about him. Yes skaven were very interested about hiom... But what happened to him I will tell later. 

Witch hunters is the blue arrow and Skaven is the red arrow.
Scenario is called Chance Encounter from Mordheim Rulebook. 


Skaven started to run towards the Witch hunters position. Skaven  are very fast runners and Pietari was in hurry to clime in the nearest building to get safety. Witch hunter Victor and Elf Ranger took shots against skaven only managed to stun one of them. 

Pietari is very brafe man and Warhound Cookie just standing in the open.
Can you spot Mad Morgan with double handed sword?
Next the skaven started running still towards the Witch hunters but the sneaky witch hunter captain was moving to flank some skaven. I can tell the arrows are useless against  the huge rat ogre. 


Ala Riste, Priest Forstgrave and Witch Hunter called "The Tilean" was flanking the skaven. Lads took cover from ruins. Poor priest was not managed to say any of the prayers in whole battle. 

Three skaven and one giant rat run towards the hiding with hunters. "The tilean" took a shot with hand crossbow and missed the fast rat. They were engaged in hand to hand. 

Ala Riste took aim agains the closing skaven and his pistol sayed KA-BOOM and hit with the massive strength on skaven and ricochet with the another. They both stunned and it was very easy to finish them off.  

The flanking hunters. "The Tilean"
Witch hunter, Frostgrave the Priest
and the captain Ala Riste.
KA-BOOM! Two skaven were
stunned from pistol shot. Priest
was ready finish them off.


Skaven, Giant rat and the Ogre was running fast towards zealot Pietari. Flagellant Hans with flail, witch hunter Mad Morgan with double handed sword was hiding to ambush them and of course the Elf with the fine elf bow and Victor with the crossbow was waiting to shoot the runners. 

Pietari was put fast out of action. Mad Morgan and Hans was ready to fight against the others. Soon both were slain in to the ground fast. Crossbow man and elf could do nothing with their weapons. 

The Rat ogre attacked the elf. Elf managed to hold one round just being knocked down.  

Skaven run very fast. Keep in mind
that bows and crossbows in high
places can save you life. 
Bloody fight near the tower and
ruined jail. 


Both warbands losed enough warriors to take some rout test. Skaven managed to keep their nerves one more round. Poor Elf was taken out of action because of that. Witch hunter Captain had to yell commands to keep them nerves also. They did keep the nerves one more round. Victor shot one more bolt from crossbow to stun one more skaven. Maybe that was enough because the skaven routet after that and the Witch Hunters were victorious. 

Flanking Witch Hunters were victorious
and eager to start help the other.
Skaven leader was screaming
in the window. Other skaven did
not hear him to scream and
left from battlefield.


The Witch hunters managed to loose one wyrdstone what they were carrying in the beginning. They managed to find three more and a well after that. Witch Hunters captain could not resist to get the wyrdstone from the well bottom and jumped in to the polluted well. Six wyrdstone from one battle is a great cache but what costs? Three heroes out of action, one hencmen and a hired sword. Five men  down. For Ala Riste it was nothing. He lost more men than that already.

Witch Hunter "The Tilean" gained full recovery, Hans gained horrible scars and Mad Morgan with already broken leg managed to survive against the odds. Elf and the zealot survived also. 

Ala Riste knew that his luck was changed and it was time to adventure deeper in to the city of Damned.

Well what about the skaven then? I heard they runned away as fast as they emerged from the alleys. Some of them were killed even. If you like to know more about them... Don't ask it from me. 

torstai 8. joulukuuta 2016

Mordheim: Bridge House part 3

Welcome to read about Mordheim Bridge house part 3. This part I will show and try to explain about some small details about the house project. Most of details were done in building process and last details will be done after painting.

Here is the bridge between the houses. I have made it from ice cream sticks and card board. I have used drill to do some nail holes and just a pen to do cracks on cardboard. It was crucial to test the bridge width. It would not be nice that models wont't fit on terrain. After all this made for gaming.

Here is the bridges. 

Even the Minotaur can walk on the bridge. 
 Some details about the bridge. You can see the same details on original card board bridge.
Bridge detailing. 

Downstairs I just used some printed card for making the tiles. Also I was out of Ice Cream sticks and I had to improvise. This is easy and fast method to do surfaces.  Just remember to put some wight on it when it dry or it will go waves.

Also I made some nail holes to the floor blanks.

Downstairs tile pattern.  
When the flooring was ready I made some debris. Just cluing left over sticks and sand. Also I used some cork to do more different debris.

Sand and debris detailing. 
When it is done I have clued the original plastic parts to the house with super clue. It is wise to test that they with the holes before cluing them in place. 

Almost done. Just a minor details missing. 
Last detail is to cut of the rest of the cardboard off from the houses base.  

House don't need this much base. 
 I have done small pins to keep the bridge on place. And also it is easier to paint and store this house after it is ready and in pieces.
Here is the Bridge house pieces

If you like to know more about something. Please be welcome to ask and I will happily to answer you questions. 

Next part is the final part and it is about painting and putting the last small details. It won't be long when it is done. Until the next text! Happy miniaturing!

perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2016

Elf Ranger & Woods and Halloween! (Lot's of Pictures)

Hello! Small update about my lately miniature building. I have re-based lot's of these trees what you can see from the pictures. I have about 50 trees and 20-30 bases to make. First the trees was only in green painted cardboard. They didn't look very nice on the table.

You can see also a Elf Ranger in the picture. It is a Games Workshop model and it's a perfect for Mordheim range.

Also I'm building the Mordheim house and it should be ready to be painted before the Christmas.

Here is my competition work for local gaming club. Subject was "Halloween" My work is called "knock, KNOCK! Trick or Treat!"

Goblin doing Jack o lantern.

Made pumpkin from green stuff . 
Here is the dwarf doing the knock knock!
Pumpkins, leafs... 
Close up about dwarf. 

Front yard. 

Comment's are always welcome!