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Meeting Mordheim Creator Tuomas Pirinen and Necromunda Creator Andy Chambers

WOW! WOW! Yes! I have met The Mordheim Creator Tuomas Pirinen and a the Master of rules Andy Chambers aka Horned Rat.

So this is a story to tell and I'm writing something for you to read. So how do I start this story.

My day was likes Bilbos in Hobbit. I waked up. Walked around in my empty house. Watched a discussion threat were Tuomas Pirinen was going to be with Andy Chambers in IGDA -meeting today. Like Bilbo watched the Thors contract for adventure in the movie. Just like that I packed my backpack and rushed out!

I felt like this.
Later that day met The Mordheim Creator Tuomas Pirinen and the Horned Rat Andy Chambers. But like in all adventures. Everything doesn't go like planned but ends happily and needs a sequel.

Tuomas Pirinen the Mordheim Creator. Picture is from Town Cryer. 
Andy Chambers aka Horned Rat
When I was traveling I realized that I have left all my Andy Chambers created books home! How I could miss these... Well I did anyway and I could not get these books anymore. So I had to get on my hands something Chambers writings. I finally founded one book: Path of The Archon.

These I left home and if I have not they could be signed by Chambers.

I enjoyed to talk with Pirinen and Chambers. They both were very open and liked to talk with me. It was very positive experience. It was very interesting to talk about creating these games and how do they did get some of the ideas. Both of them are professionals game makers and work currently in Reforged studios.

I like to give credit also to others who participate in making these rules like Mordheim and Necromunda. You need a good team to make it happen. Without the others, friends and talented people these books would never been done. Of course you need the passion for this and both Tuomas and Andy have lot's of it.

Andy Chambers autograph in the book Path of The Archon.

Tuomas Pirinen autograph in the Mordheim Book 
Well I managed to get the autographs. My next adventure is to get Andy's name on my books what I left home. So that is the sequel to my next adventure.

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