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Mordheim: Bridge House part 3

Welcome to read about Mordheim Bridge house part 3. This part I will show and try to explain about some small details about the house project. Most of details were done in building process and last details will be done after painting.

Here is the bridge between the houses. I have made it from ice cream sticks and card board. I have used drill to do some nail holes and just a pen to do cracks on cardboard. It was crucial to test the bridge width. It would not be nice that models wont't fit on terrain. After all this made for gaming.

Here is the bridges. 

Even the Minotaur can walk on the bridge. 
 Some details about the bridge. You can see the same details on original card board bridge.
Bridge detailing. 

Downstairs I just used some printed card for making the tiles. Also I was out of Ice Cream sticks and I had to improvise. This is easy and fast method to do surfaces.  Just remember to put some wight on it when it dry or it will go waves.

Also I made some nail holes to the floor blanks.

Downstairs tile pattern.  
When the flooring was ready I made some debris. Just cluing left over sticks and sand. Also I used some cork to do more different debris.

Sand and debris detailing. 
When it is done I have clued the original plastic parts to the house with super clue. It is wise to test that they with the holes before cluing them in place. 

Almost done. Just a minor details missing. 
Last detail is to cut of the rest of the cardboard off from the houses base.  

House don't need this much base. 
 I have done small pins to keep the bridge on place. And also it is easier to paint and store this house after it is ready and in pieces.
Here is the Bridge house pieces

If you like to know more about something. Please be welcome to ask and I will happily to answer you questions. 

Next part is the final part and it is about painting and putting the last small details. It won't be long when it is done. Until the next text! Happy miniaturing!

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