tiistai 11. heinäkuuta 2017

Tales from the Sump!

The Sump

What is the Sump? It is the lowest parts of Necromunda hive city. Nobody lives in these parts because it is toxic or poisonous area. Only mutated creatures live there... And because of that I can paint monsters from there. 

One common monster what lives in sump is plague zombie. Poor gangers, enforces or hivers have been bitten by these walkers making them to join their ranks. Only the strongest or luckiest have survived from these bites. 

 There is rules for playing with zombies in necromunda. But be warned. Your gang might meet their doom against these rotten walkers. 

There is six original sculpts of Plague zombies. I have four of them and I have just finished painting the third. This zombie represent a poor ganger. Maybe a juve who have been a careless.

The Haunt of Horror!

PS. I have lately had very slow update rate about my posts. Don't worry. I'm up to something big. I will  update more pics to my FB because it's more easier and I'm not tied to my desktop computer.

You can see glint of my newest terrain project behind the zombie.   

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