perjantai 26. helmikuuta 2016

Modular gaming board: Jungle vs. Cave!


I had a vision and  I dreamed of good solid gaming boards. Well I decided to do some easy two sided gaming board.

This board is not the nicest and does not take much of time to make. Well I had this 2' x 4' (60 cm x 120 cm) foam board. To other side I painted grey terrain to simulate the caves or even modern city street. To other side I just simply clued old paper gaming mat.

I have second part coming up as I write this. The grey side only needs some white dry brushing and then I clue the mat other side and let it dry whole night.

Jungle, woodland, plains

Just flip it and I have...

cave, dungeon or city.

PS. I have lot's of dungeon terrain coming up and some woodland. Stay tuned!

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