sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2016

Dust Off Company HQ painted!

Here is my first unit for 40k. My imaginary 84th Recon force the "Dust off"

This is the first compulsory HQ  unit from Astra Militarium army.

This is the 5 men Company HQ. --- 60 pts

Company Commander with bolt gun and power weapon --- +16 pts
Veteran with medi-pack --- + 15 pts
Veteran with vox-caster --- +5 pts
2 men veteran weapons team: mortar --- +5 pts

Camo gear to full HQ --- +10 pts

84th Dust off company HQ cost: 111 pts

Medic, Commander & RTO

Right ---- FACE!

84th Dust Off Catachan Company HQ

If you can see the trousers I used mitchell leaf camo pattern to them.

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