torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2016

One Ring to rule them all!

The one Ring. Plastic version. 
I'm always late for miniature gaming. Lord of The rings were pop about ten years ago... Well I'm interested LotR now and not then.

Well I managed to get hold of couple of Mines Of Moria Starter sets and my plan is to do Moria, Shire and some other distinguish terrain from the tales.

I haven't showed any of the pictures from WIP but now I have full Fellowship of the ring painted.

These were all plastic and from Moria set. These are sill available from Games Workshop.

My plan is to play Lord Of the Rings campaign from the beginning. And in this campaign Frodo can die and Boromir survive.

But here is some pictures. I did pic the colors for models by eye. I did not look any quids which color to use. I think I pulled this fellowship nicely. Well still got lot's of more to learn about painting.

Fellowship and the ring! These are plastic models from Moria set. 

Boromir, Aragorn and Gandalf.
Gandals and Boromir faces are very good sculpts.
I'm not happy with Aragorns painting. Luckily I have three more Aragorns to paint!

Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam.
These were very small puckers. Painting eyes were challenging.
Well after this painting some Mordheim will be much easier. 

Gimli and Legolas.
These were first to paint. Nice models. 

Please be free to comment!

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  1. Ainahan opittavaa on... Mutta tuo Fellowship on kyllä mahtavaa katseltavaa! Kasvot ja ilmeet on hyvin saatu esille, sekä beissi työskentely erittäin toimiva. Nailed it!

    1. Kiitos. Olen kokeillut uusia tekniikoita. Osa kasvoista on hyvin mutoiltu. Varsinkin Gandalfin ja Boromoirin kasvot oli mukava maalata. Nuo GW:n LotR figut on ns. real scale, joten kasvot ja kädet on huomattavasti pienempiä kuin GW:n heroic scalen muut figut.