perjantai 23. syyskuuta 2016

Back in painting.

Well my summer have been very long and now I'm back to my painting hobby. I have finished my fifth Necromunda model. Well I have painted full gang of models but these five have been my new years promise to paint five original Necromunda models.

Last model is another Plague zombie. I painted zombie clothes like orange convict outfit. See the picture below.

These promised five Necromunda models are Pit fighter, Bounty hunter, Escher Juve, and two plague zombies. See picture below.

I have promised to paint five Mordheim models as well.. So there is going to be three more Mordheim models to showed.

I'm very fond to these FFG's Star Wars models so I pet there is coming some Star wars also.

Plague Zombie. Sorry about poor picture. 

Here is the all five painted original Necromunda models.

Keep up painting!

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