maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2016

Mordheim: Bridge House part 1

Hello. I wanted to re-make the last Mordheim building what is left the Bridge House. Well this original cardboard house wasn't sturdy and it was broken already. So I had no reason to save it.

First step is to plan how I built it and what materials I need. I skipped the planning phase because I have built several these houses already. Mainly I will use foam board, original plastic parts and ice cream sticks.

I have stripped the plastic parts from the house and washed them to remove crease and dust.

Then I simply use the original card parts to draw new wall sections to foam board.

Next time I will show how do I make the walls more alive and assemble the house but now I must to go cut the new walls out of foam.

Planning and I have schematics to this house.

washed all plastic parts with dish washing fluid. 
Used these wall sections to draw them to foam board
Here is couple ready buildings. It should look something like these when it is ready. You can find more about these buildings from my older blog post! Use the word Mordheim or terrain to find these.


Corner house

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