keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2016

Who let the Dogs out!

WOUH! wouh! wouh! Wouh! Echoed from the street of Mordheim. Witch hunter captain pointed his finger into the dark street and yelled "PURE THE UNCLEAN!" Poor warlock last reflection in his eyes where vicious dogs was running towards him. WOUH! wouh! wouh! Wouh! Echoed from the street of Mordheim.

Hunters prey. 

I promised to paint five original Mordheim miniatures this year. Actually I have painted six. One Warlock, Captain, two flagellants and two hounds. I have taken a small picture of the last dogs. Also here is the picture of my witch hunters and all this year painted Mordheim miniatures.

I still have lot of broken and missing parts witch hunter miniatures which I'm maybe going to mod some new and different weapons variations for Mordheim.

Here is the new Mordheim hounds!
I'm very happy about the result about these hounds. Two of them are painted about couple years ago when I wasn't as good painter as I'm now. Small amount about wash or ink I might do more visible details to these two older hounds.

Here is the all four Mordheim Hounds!

Here is my all original Witch hunter warband. I'm still missing one model. The one witch hunter with the great sword.

Ready to adventure into the darkness. 

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