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Mordheim: Bridge House part 2

Hello. November is almost over and I have done the second part of the Mordheim Bridge House. My goal is to build new and better Mordheim house using original plastic parts and use foamboard instead original cardboard walls.

In this second part I have done the basic building. The Building is still lacking most of the plastic parts and almost all detailing.

Enough talking and more pictures. I will explain shorty what I have done in each picture. In the first part I did cut and made the new walls.

1) First I did do some cracks and details to the wall sections. It was more easier to do this way. This is easy part and I have just used the pen to draw the lines and some force. Foamboard is soft material and the crack will show nicely in the painted house.
Here is some crack details to the walls.
2) Next I star testing and assembling the walls. The corner pieces and the beams will with smoothly in their places. I have to do some fine cutting in some sections. As you can see in picture below where I have used the hobby knife to cut of small piece from lower corner.

Assembling the pieces with the plastic beans and corners. 

3) When the pieces with I have used clue to stick the pieces together. I have let the pieces dry over night to be sturdy enough to continue building. I have used 90 degree metal measure to make house dry in to the right angle. I have used hobby clue and plastic clue in these parts.
Here I use the original schematics to build the house. 
4) So here is the second floor. I have used just thin cardboard to make the floor. 
Main house is only missing the floor panels.
5) I have gathered ice cream sticks from the summer and I have also bought a pack of them. I don't eat some much ice cream that I can build a house... Or do I?
Some ice cream sticks are good way to do floor blanks. 

6) In the smaller section of the house I have done the floor before cluing it in place.

I have tested how many sticks I need to build the floor.

7) When the floor is done it is time to clue it in place. I have left a small card board slice to make it go under the wall section.

8) I have simply braked the sticks to look like torn apart wooden blanks. Also I have made with hobby knife some carvings and used small drill to make nail holes.

I have made small pin in the side to make floor more sturdy in the house.
9)  Smaller house part is ready.
Here you can see the original section and the new WIP section. 
10) In the larger house section I had clued the card board floor before making the wooden blanks. It was easier to built it that way and I did not had to do so much measuring before hand. I had to use some weight when cluing the floor. It will not dry nicely if it let dry without some weight. The floor is more like wave if not done this way. I have some support in beneath the floor. You can see the paint bottle cap under the floor. 
In larger house I have simply cut and clued the blanks in to the floor. 
11) When I have done the basic assembling it is time to move to detailing. The bridge is not ready yet because I haven't decided will I make it removable for easier storing. 

Assembling completed. 
In the next part I have detailing. I will do the ground floors, dirt, and some other things. If you like to know some more I will happily to answer to questions. 

Keep up the building! 

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