torstai 23. helmikuuta 2017

Wellcome to the year 40 000!

My year did not start as I wanted. How ever I have been very busy learning to paint fast and lot's of models. I  have started to paint Warhammer 40k armies. For first I have done Astra Militarium Catachan troops. I have converted this first squad.

Also I have done tyranid force and I have done the first troop choice as well.

So I have painted and built 20 models this far.

You can expect that this year is heavily fulfilled with WAR!

Let the pics speak for them self.

Tyranids troops. I have painted these about for times over to find my hive colors.
These first ten are armed with fleshporer... Or something like that 

Veteran squad with autoguns & shotguns
Two specialist flamer and heavyflamer

Please be free to comment!

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