perjantai 7. huhtikuuta 2017

Terror from the Jungle.

It has been long since I write something to my blog. I have been unmotivated to paint. Brakes will boost me later and give more ideas and innovation. I have every year from days to weeks when I don't paint at all.

I have still been painting something. You might have seen some of my painting from my Facebook page. Now it it is ready. My first Warhammer 40.000 army. Army needs one HQ and two troop choice that the army is valid.

My tyranid swarm is adapted for jungle terrain and lurking in the greenery. Main color is Black and green.Yellow dots are warning color like nature.

So here is my army.


HQ: Tyranid Prime with Rending claws. 130 points (one model)
-Regeneration 30 points (extra)

Troop: Ripper swarm brood 39 points. (three models)
-Deep Strike 2 points/model = 6 points (extra)

Troop: Termagant Brood 40 points (10 models)

TOTAL: 209 points or with extra 245 points. 

Hive Fleet Malignant
Warning colors

Close up from Tyranid Prime

What is the future of my Tyranid fleet?

I haven't played a single game of 40k game. If I like the game, maybe my tyranid army will crow or if I don't like I might paint some more miniatures for the army. I still have tyrant, some hormagaunts, spore mines and gargoyles to build and paint. 

What does my Hive Fleet name Malignant means?

1. disposed to cause harm, suffering or distress deliberately; feeling orshowing ill will or hatret

2. very dangerous or harmful in influence or effect

3. Pathology;
a) tending to produce death, as bubonic plague.
b) (of a tumor) characterized by uncontrolled growth; cancerous, invasive, or metastatic

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