keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2016

Hive Thriller & blood effects!

Hello. I have maybe painted a masterpiece. This is the best miniature what I have painted. It is the Necromunda plague zombie model from GW.

I have used Vallejo & GW paint to do this and also I have tried Vallejos Game effect paints to do some blood stains.

Well I have managed to take some high end pictures as well... with my phone instead of my expensive camera. Well I think I will start taking pictures with phone this day on.

Also I want to give a thanks to Pienoismallimarketti company who is willingly supporting my painting hobby with new paints!

Kiitos Pienoismallimarketille maalien toimituksesta!
 Kurkkaa sivuille linkistä! 

This is a good picture of  Necromunda Plague Zombie. 
Vallejos Game effect paints what I used. Saatavana Pienoismallimarketista. 

Here is the effect applied. I used fresh blood in wounds and dried blood to jacket. 
What do you think? Did I make a masterpiece or what? Please leave a comment! Sana on vapaa!

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