torstai 30. kesäkuuta 2016

Painting Necromunda Juve Part 5

The part 5 is here. This part I usually do the base.

It depends about the model what kind of base I do. For the Necromunda because it nature of Hive city. Junk, dirty and urban environment. Yeah there is some cleaner and nicer places in Hive but the gangers mostly life in factory or some kind of lawless area.

Here is m base for Necromunda:

1. I clue some beams, junk, net or platforms to the base. And some texture paint.
2. Then I use black paint to do priming
3. Do the base colors and shading
4. Highlight the base colors and do some dry brushing
5. details.. like painting rust or warning lines.

Here is the almost finished base.  I will paint the edge with grey.

Cluing some items to the base
Cut it nice when dried. I used super clue
Put some primer before painting

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