tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2016

The Flagellant!

Here is some more Mordheim. I have painted original Witch Hunter warband for Mordheim. Unfortunately I'm not happy anymore for the first models what I have painted years ago. My painting skill is far more better now and maybe I have to do some repainting some day.  Before that I will paint the rest of the Witch hunter models. So here is the first Flagellant to the warband. I currently have two more miniatures to paint for witch hunters and missing one hunter model to complete them all. I currently have two captains. (one unpainted.) Three hunters (missing the fourth), Three zealots, Two warhounds and two Flagellants (one unpainted). For a bonus I have punch of models to convert more minis for warband.

I also promised to paint five Mordheim models in this year. This is the second so there is still coming three more painted Mordheim minis this year.

Original Mordheim flagellant fromWitch Hunter warband

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