tiistai 28. kesäkuuta 2016

Painting Necromunda Juve Part 4

Layers, layers layers... this is the hardest and the most fun part to see the miniature come to life.

After the basic paint it is time to give some highlights. First I start applying  same base colors before shading. Then I star mixing some more lighter tone paints and star filling up very thin layers. I use only water based colors because it is easy to thin them to ad these thin layers.

when I am happy with the layers I add some details and fix some errors with darker tone or with wash. I do not use much of a dry brushing for details.

Make sure you have some very small brush for the details. I have noticed that it is very much easier to paint details like eyes with small brushes.

Here is the example. Escher juve got about 3-5 layers of skin tone. And then I added details like eyes and make up.

I had to do some fixing because I was very tired because lack of sleep.  Painting  as tired I made too much errors and my hand and eye coordination was not very good. Also I could not focus very well. So I decided to keep painting some other day. Remember to keep breaks and paint when you are happy and in the right mood to do some nice paint ups.

But here is the picture!

Some layering and details! 

Here is some small fixes on skin and also shirt is layered with same way. 

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